Kootek 144pcs Cake Pan Set with Removable Base, Cake Decorating Supplies with 3 Round Nonstick Bakeware Springform Pans (4" 7" 9"), Numbered Icing Piping Tips and Other Baking Tools for Cheesecake

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Kootek 144pcs Cake Pan Set with Removable Base
Durable carbon steel material

Smooth Edges

Smooth edges enhance the appearance of baking pans and prevent sharp edges from cutting, ensuring safe usage.

Durable carbon steel material

Carbon Steel Material

The durable carbon steel material is resistant to rust and has excellent heat conductivity, ensuring that baked goods are cooked evenly.

Non-stick coating

Non-Stick Coating

Non-stick coating effectively reduce the adhesion of food to the surface, making it easier to clean. And less oil needed makes the food healthier.

Textured Base

Textured Base-7"&9"

The textured base design of the 7" & 9" cake pans helps to increase the surface contact between the pan and food, thereby improving heat conductivity.

 Springform Pans

How to Use Cake Leveler

How to Use Piping Tips and Bags

Other Tools for Easier Your Baking Journey

Baking Cups

40 Muffin Cup Liners

Disposable muffin cup liners effectively prevent food from sticking to the cup, making it easy to remove. In addition to baking muffins, disposable muffin cup liners are also ideal for making other desserts such as pastries, small snacks, etc.

Icing Smoothers

3 Icing Scrapers

There are different functions for the 3 types of scrapers. The smooth-edged scraper helps easily smooth out the cake surface. The unique curved design of the curved scraper is convenient for removing batter from the mixing bowl walls. A jagged scraper can create beautiful patterns on cakes.


Springform Pan Set

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